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09.11.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast – WSU Loses to Portland State?

Oh Cougs. What can you even do when it really gets down to it. Good for you for trying. Honestly. We pick all Pac-12 games against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy! 09.11.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast

11.20.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Washington fervor hits podcast low again

Well fuck. Washington lost a game that was as Cougie as it gets. How did they lose that fucking thing? Unbelievable. I hate this sport. Fuck it. Elsewhere in who gives a fucking shit: Utah beat Stanford b/c Stanford can’t score. The Beaverinos jumped up and shocked Arizona State in Corvallis. Cal backdoored the goodness […]

1.27.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Never Forget the New Mexico Bowl

Remember the New Mexico Bowl? We do. We wrap up our season of terribly picking Pac-12 games against the spread by reviewing all the bowl action. Special attention is paid to WSU and UW. We are nothing but our biases. We have an interesting sidebar about whether winning a big college football game should be […]

10.12.11 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Stoooooooooooooops!

Goodbye Mike Stoops. Allow me to dedicate this oft-referenced yet still delightful exchange from Anchorman to how you went from 7-1 last year, to fired this week. In this week’s show we enjoy WSU losing to UCLA, possibly costing Wulff his job, likely costing them their shot at a bowl, and in the process losing […]

Fideo Friday: French Fille Falls, Fails

Mon Dieu! Cette dame tombe plus vite que Le Challenger. Ses rêves sont plus morts que Jacque Costeau. C’est la vie.

This Week In Coug News

Well… you want to talk about a blowout, we got one.  The Ducks destroyed the Cougs in Autzen last week.  Quote of the week this week summarizing this debacle is easily from the Tacoma News Tribune. Few visiting teams have been able to quiet the raucous, sellout crowds that routinely pack Autzen Stadium, but the Washington State […]

USC scout teams to “take it easy” this week to improve simulation of WSU schemes

Fig Jam Was someone looking for that Husky Arrogance that WSU fans are always complaining about?  Found it!  This week, as USC prepares to take on Washington State in the Coliseum, USC head Coach Peter Carroll (why doesn’t anyone ever call him Peter?)  may need to spend a little extra time working with his scout […]

This Week In Coug News

Big week for the Cougs.  A win!  Now, they needed 2 TAINT’s, a 3rd pick in overtime and a 4th down, 4th quarter PI call to do it.   Oh, and the possession margin was 40 min – 20 min in favor of SMU and they gave up 500 yards to 276 gained.  Oh, and they still managed to turn the […]

This Week In Coug News

The ship is sinking in Pullman after a weak loss at “home” (Qwest Field) to Hawaii.  To be fair, like most people who drove over from Eastern Washington these Cougs weren’t exactly well-traveled.  Bad sign number one: 28 of the 60 players who dressed for WSU had never been on a road trip before.   I hope they got […]

09.15.09 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Dawgs Win!

This is our 21st Podcast, and for the first time it is our pleasure to talk about a Husky win. Hopefully that ratio comes down a little bit in the future. USC had just enough to take down the Buckeyes in the Horseshoe. UCLA went into Knoxville and shocked the Vols. Oregon State survived their […]