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Death Pool 2010 Results!

After a long, hard-fought year, Death has come through with a few notable deaths. There were several people who picked multiple dead people. Only one point separated the winner. And without further ado, here are the results: Sparks – 0 B. Martinez – 10 (John Wooden) Pooh – 7 (Wooden) Aleena – 0 Beef – […]

Death Pool 2010 Update: Folks be dying

Holy fuck these last few days have been crazy with death. The real tragedy is nobody picked Gary Coleman. (Did anyone hear his wife’s 911 call? That bitch is more callous than Rue McClanahan’s pussy) We did have some picks come to fruition though. Most Drugs Consumed at Death: Dennis Hopper. Most Tragic Death: John […]

Fideo Friday: Basketball Mixtapes and White People

White guys who can ball are in a difficult spot. They may be good, but their skills just aren’t as filthy as their black counterparts. When it comes to mixtapes, what is a white guy supposed to do? Answer: He has to openly mock himself with shitty graphics and 80’s butt rock. Nevertheless, this video […]

Death Pool 2010 Is Here and Deathier Than Ever

Here are the basic rules of the death pool: 1. Pick 10 celebrities that you think will die this year If their celebrity status is in doubt, you may need to offer proof that they were in an episode of “Bonanza” or something. You can pick the same celebrities as other people. Don’t pick people […]