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EPL Fantasy is back for 2010!

Hey everyone, Not only have we gotten pretty good participation in our past soccer fantasy leagues, but people are having a really fun time. Want proof? Here are some testimonials from past participants. “Hotdog thanks for putting this awesome World Cup league together! I had a ton of fun although there’s no way I could […]

10 Pictures of Husky Cheerleaders

Since nothing is really happening right now, I’d thought I’d brighten this site with some pictures of Husky Cheerleaders I stole from facebook. More Boner Jamz after the break!!

Fideo Friday: Nic Cage and Babes Edition

From his award-winning film Wicker Man: Now head over to where they compiled quite a collection of the hottest girls of the Final Four. Really a disturbingly large collection of babes.

Join our 2009 MLS Fantasy League!!!!

Hey Sounders Fans! Join the official H&F MLS Fantasy league! Last year’s competition featured a tremendous late-season surge by Hose. In the face of furious boredom, Hose updated his team just often enough to pip Hotdog for the trophy. (I think this is what happened – I don’t actually remember.) In 2008, we also saw […]

Rochestie and a raw chest-y

Constable Echelon, Manny Faces Found on the Dawgman boards. Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Washington State PG Taylor Rochestie snuggling up with Cougar C Aron Baynes.  Looks like it’s past time for somebody to audit their friends on Facebook.

DO NOT threaten my Fantasy Football existence

Fig Jam Courtesy of this morning I see that a new organization has sprung up.  WAFS – or Women Against Fantasy Sports.  They even have a website (sort of).  my reaction to this:  Good Fucking Luck!  In all seriousness ladies, you DO NOT want to have this conversation with us.  Not now, not ever. 

Join Our English Premier League Fantasy League!

One too many “leagues” in the title of that post? Perhaps. But nevertheless, it’s time to join our EPL Fantasy League! The season starts this Saturday, so MAKE YOUR TEAM TODAY!!! It’s a salary cap league, so complete knowledge of the players and teams isn’t a prerequisite. I highly encourage you to join – it’s […]