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Jakey Cakes “Yeah bitch!”

Credit “GrundleStiltzkin” on Hardcore Husky boards.

Get Ready For The Lobos!

So what should you know about these Newer Mexicans? 1.  Their coach is Steve Alford, famous for his cowardly plea. 2.  Their best player is Darington Hobson, who sounds like he should be some kind of villainous billionaire. 3.  Their next best player is Roman Martinez, who sounds like he should be a Mexican dude […]

The HD&F Endorsement – Seahawks Should Sign QB Troy Smith

One of the more underrated “what-if” scenarios of all time involves Ravens backup QB Troy Smith.  After a great rookie campaign that had many for him to take over the starting job from Kyle Boller (I know I know…), he was slated to start for the Ravens in 2008.  During the preseason he caught a rare case […]

Wait, was the US Open played in New York this weekend?

Fig Jam   Raise your hand if you hate New Yorkers more this week than you did last week.  Keep em’ up.  Ok, that’s what I thought, it’s everyone.  I guess the 40 hour infomercial that ESPN and NBC ran last weekend on what New Yorkers are like and how they talk (also referred to […]

HD&F Endorsement: “UW Home Of The Dawgs” T-Shirt

Hey Sager, how much joy does this majestic giant glamour shot of a husky on a shirt bring you?  GOOD SWEET LORD I DON’T THINK THEY’VE CREATED NUMBERS TO ACCURATELY EXPLAIN.  Did I mention this shirt is actually for sale at the official UW team store?  And that you can get it in hoodless purple […]