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Wait, was the US Open played in New York this weekend?

Fig Jam   Raise your hand if you hate New Yorkers more this week than you did last week.  Keep em’ up.  Ok, that’s what I thought, it’s everyone.  I guess the 40 hour infomercial that ESPN and NBC ran last weekend on what New Yorkers are like and how they talk (also referred to […]

Lamar Hurd: Jay John motivated Oregon State to sweep Cal

Constable Echelon Photo: I caught up with everybody’s favorite FSN analyst Lamar Hurd for his reaction to Oregon State completing the season sweep against Cal. I’d heard Lamar say on College Hoops NW that the Beavers were eager to prove to former OSU coach (and current Cal assistant) Jay John that they could ball. […]

H&F Interview: Lamar Hurd

Constable Echelon You watch Lamar Hurd for one segment on Fox Sports Northwest’s college basketball studio show, and you can see that he has a future in tv. The former Oregon State University point guard boasts a winning combination of hoops knowledge, relatability, and freshness. Because I was so impressed with Lamar’s tv debut, I […]

H&F Interview: Jim Moore

Constable Echelon Seattle PI columnist Jim Moore (The Go 2 Guy) is something of a lightning rod in the local media scene. As much as he is reviled in Husky circles for his delight in and amplification of recent UW ineptitude, Moore is surely equally celebrated by his Cougar brethren. It may surprise you to […]