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On this day in West Virginia history….

There was a mining disaster.  Big surprise there.

Sonicsgate documentary is painful, worthwhile

I’m actually not sure that watching this is a good use of your time. It made me angry. I guess when I say this documentary chronicling the demise of the NBA in Seattle is “worthwhile”, I’m saying that it is well made. Or something. The scene that stuck out to me was where hundreds of […]

Adam Morrison’s Underwhelming Run to the Ring

Constable Echelon Image: Here we are mere hours after the LA Lakers clinched the NBA title with a decisive Game 5 victory over the Magic in Orlando. Color me shocked that Hotdog didn’t immediately throw up a “OMG AMMO WINS NBA TITLE” post. I still feel like that is on the way, so consider […]

Nuggets Rebellion goes to a new level – NBA interests unsafe

Constable Echelon For anyone questioning which team the NBA wanted to win Game 3 of the Nuggets-Mavericks, I have two words: Bennett Salvatore. Image:

Get To Know A Region: The West

Manny Faces The 1996 classic album “Bow Down” by the Westside Connection educated people on what it meant to live on the Westsiiiiiide.  Ice Cube, Mack-10, and W.C., a.k.a.  The Gangsta, The Killa, and The Dope Dealer, attempted to create a worldwide Westside through their intimidating lyrics, threatening to kill everyone who disagreed with them.  […]

Mike Bellotti out as Oregon’s head coach

Constable Echelon Huge news out of Oregon today that head football coach Mike Bellotti will step down to become Athletic Director. Image: The Dean of Pac-10 coaches is down. Pete Carroll is now the longest tenured football coach in the Pac-10. This news just dropped, so I’m going to hash out my initial reactions […]

Rochestie and a raw chest-y

Constable Echelon, Manny Faces Found on the Dawgman boards. Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Washington State PG Taylor Rochestie snuggling up with Cougar C Aron Baynes.  Looks like it’s past time for somebody to audit their friends on Facebook.

Know Your Enemy: 2008 San Francisco 49ers

Constable Echelon celebrates the NFL season by previewing the hometown Seattle Seahawks’ opponents in the NFC West. San Francisco are the no longer the 49ers. They are the nine balls. Or the nines. As detailed in last year’s preview, this term originates from my buddy J Weidz(take that Simmons!), Bay born and bred. A nine […]

Know Your Enemy: 2008 Arizona Cardinals

Constable Echelon Jesus Christ. I just went back and read my preview of the 2007 Arizona Cardinals. Not to pat myself on the back (read: to pat myself on the back), but that is a fucking odyssey. The bar has been set. Constable Echelon celebrates the upcoming NFL season by previewing the hometown Seattle Seahawks’ […]