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Mariners in first pla….oh wait they lose

Brandon League and David Pauley combined to blow a 5-1 9th innning lead against the Nats. Smoak had a crucial error to let the leadoff man get on board. It was 5-2 with 2 outs. Then one thing led to another and Wilson Ramos hit a 3 run walkoff off David Pauley. All with the […]

Fideo Friday: French Fille Falls, Fails

Mon Dieu! Cette dame tombe plus vite que Le Challenger. Ses rêves sont plus morts que Jacque Costeau. C’est la vie.

Pete Carroll Brings Some LOLs

Pete Carroll’s Trip to Seattle Delayed

Mike Blowers is scary accurate

Anybody still paying attention to the Mariners? I know I’m not, so thanks to Adam S. for passing this fantastic link along. The Mariners’ broadcast team does a “Pick to Click” feature where they highlight a player they believe is due for a notable performance. Last Sunday in Toronto, Mariners color guy Mike Blowers pegged […]

Caption This Sexy Photo

That’s Jake Locker and his dad passionately embracing after the win.  Personally I’m going with “I’ve always wanted to do this son, I just didn’t expect there to be a crowd applauding when it happened.”

Fideo Friday: George Brett Shit His Pants

And he wants to sing about it, auto-tuned:

Fideo Friday: Now THIS is Music

I won’t be able to get this song out of my head all weekend.

Fideo Friday: Norm vs. Andy on Conan

H&F favorite Norm MacDonald visited Conan on the Tonight Show last night. The results were quite pleasant.