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Kevin Durant deleted a tweet

1. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?! 2. WHAT DOES IT MEAN THAT HE DELETED IT?!?!?! (1. What it says; 2. Nothing)

H&F Reviews Invictus: It’s Pretty Decent!

There aren’t a lot of good sports movies out there. The Blind Side, I’m told, is a pretty bland rendition of a dynamic book, the latest in a long series of formulaic sports movies. On Monday night, a few dear friends and I stood in an unending line of humanity to watch a sneak of […]

Mike Blowers is scary accurate

Anybody still paying attention to the Mariners? I know I’m not, so thanks to Adam S. for passing this fantastic link along. The Mariners’ broadcast team does a “Pick to Click” feature where they highlight a player they believe is due for a notable performance. Last Sunday in Toronto, Mariners color guy Mike Blowers pegged […]

Sweet Tweet: Abdul Gaddy

I applaud Abdul Gaddy’s efforts to take our minds off whatever that was that happened on Saturday.

Jake Locker’s NFL Stock Skyrocketing per Chris Mortensen

Here’s the link. The bittersweet spoils of victory, but good for Jake.

The Pac-10 Is Cutting The Hawaii Bowl, Adding Alamo Bowl?

Fans of not very good teams being curiously rewarded will be sad to know that the Pac-10 isn’t even negotiating a possible renewal of its contract with the Hawaii Bowl.  Even more curious is the fact that both sides agreed to opt out of this year’s agreement.  The Hawaii Bowl people liked the fact that […]

Area Senior Pegs M Bombs

Echelon So I was listening to ESPNSeattle (It’s not Furness!) on my way to work Thursday afternoon, taking in the carnage after Brandon Morrow blew his second save in 17 hours. An older gentleman called in to share his take on the Bombs. “This team…we’re still coming out of the Bavasi era. And he signed […]

Tony Bennett Leaving WSU…for Virginia (??)

The Spokesman-Review reports that Tony Bennett is leaving Washington State to take the head-coaching spot at Virginia. The third-year Washington State coach held a team meeting with the players at 2 p.m. at Beasley Coliseum to announce his departure, according to a source within the athletic department. Bennett lead the Cougars to two NCAA appearances […]

Wild Hawks To Seattle Sounders FC: This Is A FOOTBALL Stadium

Don’t forget to join our MLS Fantasy League! Details here. Nothing ruins an opening night like bird carcasses strewn about the stadium. According to a source close to the team, Seattle Sounders FC has abandoned plans to have doves fly around Qwest Field on Opening Night after at least three were killed by marauding hawks. During a […]