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Mariners in first pla….oh wait they lose

Brandon League and David Pauley combined to blow a 5-1 9th innning lead against the Nats. Smoak had a crucial error to let the leadoff man get on board. It was 5-2 with 2 outs. Then one thing led to another and Wilson Ramos hit a 3 run walkoff off David Pauley. All with the […]

Marshawn Lynch: The True Meaning of Determination

Yet another great interpretation of Marshawn Lynch’s TD run against the Saints in the 2011 playoffs. NSFW Audio. Happy NFL Draft day!

Venoy Overton: Bad for Parents of Teen Girls, Great from Bracket Names

To be fair, we don’t know if/where he came I have high hopes for this year. After all, Venoy has already advanced on two Sweet Sixteens. H&F proudly presents the best Venoy-inspired bracket names for this March Madness go-round. 10: Movie Night at Venoy’s 9: Is #11 too low?

Bobby Jones Italy Insane Highlight Reel

The jumper is soaking wet. The dunks and blocks suggest a general disdain for humanity. Enjoy. Check out Bobby’s 2009-2010 stats for Banca Tercas Teramo here. This upcoming season UW’s Bobby Jones will play for Sutor Montegranaro in Lega A (same league) where he will be teammates with Clemson’s Sharrod Ford and Villanova’s Allan Ray. […]

On this day in West Virginia history….

There was a mining disaster.  Big surprise there.

Fideo Friday: Major Lazer Freak Fest

Major Lazer “Pon De Floor” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo. At the next party I go to you can bet I will be trying to spear a lucky lady from the top of a step ladder.

Meet Matt Korobov

Echelon Hard to believe, but Pacquiao-Hatton was the second biggest mismatch Saturday night. Matvey Korobov – who apparently goes by Matt – completely outclassed journeyman Anthony Bartinelli (no relation to the cider magnate). This video really misses by not having the slo mo replay of Korobov’s knockdown of Bartinelli, which reveals a flush left to […]

Did Leroy Hill fake his pot arrest?

Constable Echelon UPDATE: Leroy Hill gets the franchise tag anyway. Nice try, though. Leroy Hill was arrested on January 24th in Atlanta for misdemeanor marijuana possession. On the surface the arrest would appear to come at a terrible time for the free agent to be. But could it have been a calculated move by Hill […]

Skank to Darius Miles: “How Come You Ain’t Got No Jumpshot?”

By Morristache There’s no better way to lead off an NBA column than with a Darius Miles anecdote – and this is a good one. Several years ago in Portland, Ore. a woman approached Darius at a club and had the following exchange:   Woman (in smooth voice): Hey Darius baby. D-Miles (in equally silky voice): Hey […]