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12.04.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Sark to USC, Washington open

Any news this week? Ol’ Sarky jumped ship back (scare quotes) home (/scare quotes) to USC leaving the puppy Dawgs in the lurch. Mora spurns an opportunity to go to UW. We spend the better part of an hour sorting through Sark, Mora, and various potential Washington coaches. Oh and there were games last week! […]

10.19.11 Pac-12 Football Podcast – KP4H

This is the best Husky team since 2000 and it’s not a contest. I love everything about this team, and it starts with Keith Price. We celebrate the Huskies in this week before the reality of playing Stanford crushes our hopes and dreams. Shout out to Utah for surprising Pitt on the road. Also, Fig […]

A tale of three talents: Craig Chambers, Kavario Middleton, Anthony Boyles

Self quote self quote in your face, self quote in your face (from the podcast): Constable Echelon: “If Kavario Middleton doesn’t show up next season looking like a man…which he has not…you know he’s looked like a guy with a lot of talent, but still kind of, maybe, doughy, and still kind of looking like […]

Pac 10 Football, Why your team is a joke

Fig Jam As we approach yet another Pac 10 football season there is much commentary on what each team has to look forward to in the coming season.  This is the time of the year for unbridled optimism.  To provide a little perspective in contrast to everyone’s rose bowl colored glasses, here is why your […]

Kentucky Basketball: What’s wrong with pride?

Constable Echelon This started as a comment on Fig Jam’s excellent post regarding the Kentucky coaching situation, but I decided it could use its own post. My poor paraphrase of Fig Jam’s post (just read it, he says it better than me) is that Kentucky had no business firing Tubby Smith because he was a […]

08.26.08 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Week one preview. Actual Games!

Hello Blawg fans, In the fifth edition of our Pac-10 Football Podcast, we preview the weekend’s upcoming games. How old is the Oklahoma State coach again? Can Rick Neuheisel conjure up the points he needs to beat Tennessee? What needs to happen for Washington to upset Oregon? 08.26.08 Pac-10 Football Podcast (part one) 08.26.08 Pac-10 […]