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Hope Solo is marrying Jerramy Stevens?

UPDATE: We found a picture of the happy couple! YES, according to KJR’s Dave Mahler @softykjr. To the trail of tweets! Obviously, both Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens have had their share of, ahem, controversy over the years. Still, we wish the best to the happy couple! May this union bear academically eligible fruit.

Marshawn Lynch: The True Meaning of Determination

Yet another great interpretation of Marshawn Lynch’s TD run against the Saints in the 2011 playoffs. NSFW Audio. Happy NFL Draft day!

Hotdog never happy with anything, wanted Idaho guard

So what did everyone think of the NFL Draft? I was kind of hoping we’d “take meat” with #14 and draft the guard from Idaho to fill out the rest of the offensive line. But as Sparko pointed out, the NFL is a passing league and those who can defend the pass will have success. […]

My unsolicited thoughts on the NFL Draft

No one has asked me what I think about the upcoming NFL draft. Which is always a good indication to make an Internet post about it.

The HD&F Endorsement – Seahawks Should Sign QB Troy Smith

One of the more underrated “what-if” scenarios of all time involves Ravens backup QB Troy Smith.  After a great rookie campaign that had many for him to take over the starting job from Kyle Boller (I know I know…), he was slated to start for the Ravens in 2008.  During the preseason he caught a rare case […]

Yes, Seahawks should get Brandon Marshall!

There’s some debates on teh intertubes and teh faceboxes of whether the Seahawks should add Brandon Marshall. The answer is…YES! What people seem to forget is that Brandon Marshall’s “character issues” started occurring after his best friend Darrent Williams was gunned down in his car by some Denver gang members. Gang members, who, presumably told […]

Pete Carroll Brings Some LOLs

Pete Carroll’s Trip to Seattle Delayed

Forget The Seahawks’ #6 Pick In The Draft – The #14 Pick Will Define The Team

To say that the Seahawks current offseason is one of great importance is sort of like saying a kick to the balls can be something of great discomfort.  A new head coach, staff, and front office would be more than enough for any team to experience growing pains.  But there’s a lot more on the line. 

Pete Carroll to Seahawks?

Chris Mortensen is reporting that possibility on Sportscenter. Does Carroll deserve another shot at the NFL? He wasn’t a terrible coach in New England, if you look at his career record of 33-31. The energetic 58-year old was profiled by L.A. magazine in a piece that will absorb the next hour of your life. He […]