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Suck it world! UW Softball National Champions!

Constable Echelon Image: Simply put, fuck you all. Fuck each and every last one of you. Seriously. Fuck you good and hard. For the University of Washington Huskies are the champions of the Women’s Collegiate Softball Universe. “But wait, Echelon, you don’t care about women’s softball!” May I refer you to the first line […]

Kentucky Basketball: What’s wrong with pride?

Constable Echelon This started as a comment on Fig Jam’s excellent post regarding the Kentucky coaching situation, but I decided it could use its own post. My poor paraphrase of Fig Jam’s post (just read it, he says it better than me) is that Kentucky had no business firing Tubby Smith because he was a […]

Vanderbilt Might Want To Taper Their Bowl Expectations A Bit

Sager Bombs In news from the world of successful football teams, Vanderbilt will be going to a bowl game for the first time in 26 years after they racked up win #6 last weekend.  I for one could not be prouder of the Dores.  The lil’ team that could might have saved Steve Spurrier’s job (and […]