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Pete Carroll Brings Some LOLs

Pete Carroll’s Trip to Seattle Delayed

Sonicsgate documentary is painful, worthwhile

I’m actually not sure that watching this is a good use of your time. It made me angry. I guess when I say this documentary chronicling the demise of the NBA in Seattle is “worthwhile”, I’m saying that it is well made. Or something. The scene that stuck out to me was where hundreds of […]

This Week In Coug News

They lost to Stanford at home.  39-13.  But it’s progress. Sophomore wideout Kevin Norrell was out sick last week.  He must have the same reaction to Nyquil as I do, because while he was sick he managed to get arrested at 3 in the morning for (takes a deep breath) “DUI AND Reckless Driving AND […]

Friday Flashback – Randy Johnson

With the Big Unit getting win #300 last night, it’s funny to think how long the guy has been around since the M’s unloaded him to Houston in 1998.   That trade seems like decades ago (oh wait, it was) so maybe you’ve forgotten some of the details of it.  Let’s recap, shall we?

Fideo Friday: Jose Canseco Fought A Giant Chinese

Not Yao Ming unfortunately. The giant is also from South Korea I think. Hong Man Choi Jose Canseco Fight Video In other news, soccer fans are still classy:

Fideo Friday: Reason #47 Not To Use Condoms

I can’t think of anything more horrifying than putting miniature Sinbad on my penis. Apparently lamb-skin condoms = Spud Webb posting up on Michael Jordan. In other words, ineffective. Has anyone since the 1800’s even used lamb-skin? Seems like something you can fry up and eat after using.

Who Are The Ad Wizards… Who Came Up With The Holmgren Collectible Coin?

Sager Bombs The Seahawks team store always has had some really bizarre items in it, but this for some reason really entertains me.  That little blurb up there is on one side of the coin… if you want to see the whole thing click the link and enjoy.  My favorite parts of the coin: It’s not […]

Why Only Dabble In The Nostalgia Business? 5 More Big Changes For Mariners Management

Sager Bombs     So ok.  Fine.  Griffey’s coming to Seattle.  And not this Griffey either. Is it really the right move for a rebuilding team?  Is it really going to increase attendance?  Oh sorry, you must be lost.  You were obviously looking for this site.  But what can HD&F bring to the table?  Ideas, […]

Fideo Friday: Spittin More Hot Fire

Not really though. This idiot, MC Flame, made a rap to celebrate the 2-24 OKC Thunder. Flame says that Oklahoma City is “the city where we wanna live and where you wanna be”. I don’t think that is true on any account. He further undermines his credibility with the line “I’m feelin hotter than Brooke […]