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PICTURED: Hope Solo, Jerramy Stevens, and an engagement ring!

Following up from our previous post. Congratulations!

Hope Solo is marrying Jerramy Stevens?

UPDATE: We found a picture of the happy couple! YES, according to KJR’s Dave Mahler @softykjr. To the trail of tweets! Obviously, both Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens have had their share of, ahem, controversy over the years. Still, we wish the best to the happy couple! May this union bear academically eligible fruit.

The Sounders Starting XI, If They Were Automobiles

Vin Diesel drove a modified 1970 Charger Kasey Keller: 1969 Dodge Charger. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to. Leo Gonzalez: A really nice El Camino. Does a lot of things reasonably well, but can’t shake the feeling it will break down at any moment.

EPL Fantasy is back for 2010!

Hey everyone, Not only have we gotten pretty good participation in our past soccer fantasy leagues, but people are having a really fun time. Want proof? Here are some testimonials from past participants. “Hotdog thanks for putting this awesome World Cup league together! I had a ton of fun although there’s no way I could […]

2009 MLS Expansion Draft Predictions

After correctly predicting a measly two of 10 in last year’s Expansion Draft Preview, we’re back again and hoping to improve on our record. This year’s it’s the Philadelphia Union’s turn. On Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. PST, the Union will select 10 players to form the core of their new team. The rules are […]

Everton to add Valencia’s Ever Banega on loan (…maybe)

Fresh off of last weekend’s near upset of Arsenal, David Moyes has been been trying to add talent to Everton in an effort to avoid relegation crash the top four. The problem as always with Everton is a lack of money. Adam Smith was quoted once as saying, “Everton are so po’, they can’t afford […]

The Five Best Players on the Sounders FC Roster

1.    Kasey Keller Simply put, Keller’s the best goalkeeper in Major League Soccer history. I defy anyone to refute this. The only possible argument against is that he’s only played half a season so far. But his performances so far for an expansion team have been off the charts. After fretting about the state of […]

Sometimes, there actually are points for 2nd place

Fig Jam One of my favorite movie quotes comes from “Top Gun” when Viper (Tom Skerritt), the hardnosed flight instructor charged with running the Navy’s Top Gum program, stares out into a briefing room full of hotshot young pilots and cooly declares, “Remember Gentlemen, There are no points for second place.”  Generally, when it comes to sports I tend […]

Then you go and do something like this, and TOTALLY redeem yourself

Fig Jam So, for a brief period I am going to take a break from criticizing the US Mens Soccer team.  Yesterday’s win over Spain was epic and bought the squad sufficient capital to carry them through next summer’s World Cup.  I have to admit that the victory was an absolute shock to me (and I’m […]

Monday’s Ginger Post

In order for the US team to advance to the semifinals of the Confederation Cup, they needed to beat Egypt by three goals. The US also needed Italy to lose by three goals to Brazil. Both those things somehow happened and the US advanced. But then also in the midst of those improbable games, this […]