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NBC: The New York Rangers are not talented

From the tv listings on

Suck it world! UW Softball National Champions!

Constable Echelon Image: Simply put, fuck you all. Fuck each and every last one of you. Seriously. Fuck you good and hard. For the University of Washington Huskies are the champions of the Women’s Collegiate Softball Universe. “But wait, Echelon, you don’t care about women’s softball!” May I refer you to the first line […]

Fideo Friday: Reason #47 Not To Use Condoms

I can’t think of anything more horrifying than putting miniature Sinbad on my penis. Apparently lamb-skin condoms = Spud Webb posting up on Michael Jordan. In other words, ineffective. Has anyone since the 1800’s even used lamb-skin? Seems like something you can fry up and eat after using.

Fideo Friday: Crutch Master Doing Work

These are a couple videos featuring a dude named Bill Shannon who has a cool unique style.  He has a bilateral hip deformity which prevents him from putting his full weight on his legs. The first is the video for the RJD2 song “Work It Out”: Next is a Visa commercial:

St. Petersburg Times Votes Seattle “Best Beer Town In College Football”

Sager Bombs I don’t really have much to add than the headline.  Colorado was two and Eugene was three.  Oklahoma and Salt Lake City were not ranked.  So, yeah.  We don’t have much but the beer is still fantastic.  So we’ve got that going for us. Also: I miss the Olympia stubby.  Cheap, delicious, and it came […]