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Marshawn Lynch: The True Meaning of Determination

Yet another great interpretation of Marshawn Lynch’s TD run against the Saints in the 2011 playoffs. NSFW Audio. Happy NFL Draft day!

Fideo Friday: Movin Like Berney

Finally, a dance craze inspired by Weekend at Bernie’s

Bobby Jones Italy Insane Highlight Reel

The jumper is soaking wet. The dunks and blocks suggest a general disdain for humanity. Enjoy. Check out Bobby’s 2009-2010 stats for Banca Tercas Teramo here. This upcoming season UW’s Bobby Jones will play for Sutor Montegranaro in Lega A (same league) where he will be teammates with Clemson’s Sharrod Ford and Villanova’s Allan Ray. […]

Daily Dose of Dong In Your Face

That title doesn’t sound very appetizing, but feast on this: Everything he eats for the next few days is going to have the essence of nuts.


Holy Shit Bobby Jones.

Bobby Jones goes beast tubing on some Itals.

Monday Mideo: LT Doing the Damn Thing

An awesome music video from fantasy standout of yesteryear LaDainian Tomlinson

Fideo Friday: DJ Steve Porter’s New One

This time Herm Edwards is the star of “You Play To Win The Game.” Can you identify all the coaches? Leave your comments below.

Thideo Thursday: Rednecks Shoot Up A Flatscreen