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10.02.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Bye Bye Lane Kiffin

Honestly sort of sad to see him go. Up until the USC job there was a reasonable case to be made that Lane Kiffin knew what he was doing when it came to coaching college football. Now a young comet with a lot of life in front of him has to reassess and face the […]

Fun with google, WSU

Click on this to view or just enter “odds WSU wins Rose Bowl” to see what google says. H/T Figjam

This Week In Coug News

Well… you want to talk about a blowout, we got one.  The Ducks destroyed the Cougs in Autzen last week.  Quote of the week this week summarizing this debacle is easily from the Tacoma News Tribune. Few visiting teams have been able to quiet the raucous, sellout crowds that routinely pack Autzen Stadium, but the Washington State […]

USC scout teams to “take it easy” this week to improve simulation of WSU schemes

Fig Jam Was someone looking for that Husky Arrogance that WSU fans are always complaining about?  Found it!  This week, as USC prepares to take on Washington State in the Coliseum, USC head Coach Peter Carroll (why doesn’t anyone ever call him Peter?)  may need to spend a little extra time working with his scout […]

This Week In Coug News

Big week for the Cougs.  A win!  Now, they needed 2 TAINT’s, a 3rd pick in overtime and a 4th down, 4th quarter PI call to do it.   Oh, and the possession margin was 40 min – 20 min in favor of SMU and they gave up 500 yards to 276 gained.  Oh, and they still managed to turn the […]

This Week In Coug News

The ship is sinking in Pullman after a weak loss at “home” (Qwest Field) to Hawaii.  To be fair, like most people who drove over from Eastern Washington these Cougs weren’t exactly well-traveled.  Bad sign number one: 28 of the 60 players who dressed for WSU had never been on a road trip before.   I hope they got […]

This Week In Coug News

They lost to Stanford at home.  39-13.  But it’s progress. Sophomore wideout Kevin Norrell was out sick last week.  He must have the same reaction to Nyquil as I do, because while he was sick he managed to get arrested at 3 in the morning for (takes a deep breath) “DUI AND Reckless Driving AND […]

Pac 10 Football, Why your team is a joke

Fig Jam As we approach yet another Pac 10 football season there is much commentary on what each team has to look forward to in the coming season.  This is the time of the year for unbridled optimism.  To provide a little perspective in contrast to everyone’s rose bowl colored glasses, here is why your […]

Tony Bennett Leaving WSU…for Virginia (??)

The Spokesman-Review reports that Tony Bennett is leaving Washington State to take the head-coaching spot at Virginia. The third-year Washington State coach held a team meeting with the players at 2 p.m. at Beasley Coliseum to announce his departure, according to a source within the athletic department. Bennett lead the Cougars to two NCAA appearances […]

Cougs Are Pervs

The Seattle Times reports that the Seattle Police Department is looking for a Cougar fan in connection with an “assualt with sexual motivation” on a Metro bus. According to police, an unknown male assaulted a woman aboard Metro bus route No. 3. The suspect is described as in his 20s, 5-feet-6 and thin. He was […]