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Jakey Cakes “Yeah bitch!”

Credit “GrundleStiltzkin” on Hardcore Husky boards.

NBC: The New York Rangers are not talented

From the tv listings on

Gonzaga Rams

In a sign of their nationwide respect and relevance, Gonzaga was referred to as the “Rams” in the AP writeup on shortly after their loss to San Diego State. Full image capture in post. Rams!

Death Pool 2010 Update: Folks be dying

Holy fuck these last few days have been crazy with death. The real tragedy is nobody picked Gary Coleman. (Did anyone hear his wife’s 911 call? That bitch is more callous than Rue McClanahan’s pussy) We did have some picks come to fruition though. Most Drugs Consumed at Death: Dennis Hopper. Most Tragic Death: John […]

Fideo Friday: In Case You Missed This

B-Roy shit on David Lee. Get off of him boy!

Fideo Friday: Basketball Mixtapes and White People

White guys who can ball are in a difficult spot. They may be good, but their skills just aren’t as filthy as their black counterparts. When it comes to mixtapes, what is a white guy supposed to do? Answer: He has to openly mock himself with shitty graphics and 80’s butt rock. Nevertheless, this video […]

Monday Mideo: LT Doing the Damn Thing

An awesome music video from fantasy standout of yesteryear LaDainian Tomlinson

Pete Carroll to Seahawks?

Chris Mortensen is reporting that possibility on Sportscenter. Does Carroll deserve another shot at the NFL? He wasn’t a terrible coach in New England, if you look at his career record of 33-31. The energetic 58-year old was profiled by L.A. magazine in a piece that will absorb the next hour of your life. He […]

Fideo Friday: DJ Steve Porter’s New One

This time Herm Edwards is the star of “You Play To Win The Game.” Can you identify all the coaches? Leave your comments below.