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Hope Solo is marrying Jerramy Stevens?

UPDATE: We found a picture of the happy couple! YES, according to KJR’s Dave Mahler @softykjr. To the trail of tweets! Obviously, both Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens have had their share of, ahem, controversy over the years. Still, we wish the best to the happy couple! May this union bear academically eligible fruit.

Death Pool 2010 Results!

After a long, hard-fought year, Death has come through with a few notable deaths. There were several people who picked multiple dead people. Only one point separated the winner. And without further ado, here are the results: Sparks – 0 B. Martinez – 10 (John Wooden) Pooh – 7 (Wooden) Aleena – 0 Beef – […]

Lingerie Football Playoff Picture Coming Into Focus

Your hometown Seattle Mist are a near-lock for the Lingerie Football Playoffs in sunny Miami. Lingerie Bowl 7 will be aired on February 7th, but the four semifinalists won’t be finalized until the San Diego Seduction and Los Angeles Temptation on January 29th. Should San Diego win that game, or lose by less than 31 […]

10 Pictures of Husky Cheerleaders

Since nothing is really happening right now, I’d thought I’d brighten this site with some pictures of Husky Cheerleaders I stole from facebook. More Boner Jamz after the break!!

Fideo Friday: A Message To All You Mens

Some valid points brought up in this one.

Andy Roddick is an inspiration

Andy Roddick has made over 15 million dollars in his tennis career, and countless more through endorsements. Last year the 2003 US Open winner famously married the absurdly beautiful Brooklyn Decker. You can imagine it would be difficult to look at this resume and decide you need to overhaul your life. But that’s just what […]

Suck it world! UW Softball National Champions!

Constable Echelon Image: Simply put, fuck you all. Fuck each and every last one of you. Seriously. Fuck you good and hard. For the University of Washington Huskies are the champions of the Women’s Collegiate Softball Universe. “But wait, Echelon, you don’t care about women’s softball!” May I refer you to the first line […]

Fideo Friday: Nic Cage and Babes Edition

From his award-winning film Wicker Man: Now head over to where they compiled quite a collection of the hottest girls of the Final Four. Really a disturbingly large collection of babes.

Join our 2009 MLS Fantasy League!!!!

Hey Sounders Fans! Join the official H&F MLS Fantasy league! Last year’s competition featured a tremendous late-season surge by Hose. In the face of furious boredom, Hose updated his team just often enough to pip Hotdog for the trophy. (I think this is what happened – I don’t actually remember.) In 2008, we also saw […]