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09.22.09 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Locker, Huskies Arrive

Much to say as Washington gets their biggest win since Miami in 2000. Jake Locker came up with two throws on that final drive that Husky fans will talk about for years. UW’s previously maligned kicking game found a new Folk Hero (thanks Dr. Fig Jam) as young master Erik came of age in a […]

08.05.08 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Your Washington Huskies

Hello Blog Blawg Fans! With Constable Echelon on his honeymoon, it falls to me to present this week’s Pac-10 Football Podcast. Today, Fig Jam and the Constable will be previewing the 2008 Washington Huskies, unit by unit. Mesphin Forrester and Quinton Richardson moving from safety to corner? We got that covered. (Get it?) The linebacking […]