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09.14.11 Pac-12 Football Podcast

So about that podcast…it’s been wrought with technical problems this young season (all on my end). Instead of putting up a program rife with audio skips, I’ve put up nothing. But we will not give up! Fig Jam and I elected to record a short Washington @ Nebraska show to establish a beachhead. THIS IS […]

The post where I become an Atlanta Hawks fan

Fandom is transitory. That runs counter to the previously conceived and commercially popularized model of the “superfan” that pervades the sports ecosystem. Most fans’ attachment to their teams is tenuous, although you won’t often hear about that as it doesn’t make for a good Coors Light commercial. This is especially today, when every major sports […]


The first thing you need to know about University of Washington rowing is that we hate the Cal Golden Bears. HATE them. It’s been a huge rivalry for as long as anyone can remember. Washington coaches have questioned Cal’s recruiting practices – as they consistently bring in European Olympians to man their boats. At UW, […]

Pac-10 Tourney Preview: Thursday

Constable Echelon JINX ALERT: YESTERDAY’S PAC-10 TOURNEY PICKS WENT 2-0. IMMACULATE BRACULET STILL IN PLAY. Image: A week ago at this time I was enjoying day one of a long weekend with my wife out of town. How did I celebrate? By doing the exact same shit I do when she’s here….except guilt free! […]