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Pac-10 Tourney Preview: Semifinal Friday

Constable Echelon You have to embrace the conference tournament semifinals.  More than any other day of the year, tonight’s games will give us a snapshot of what the Pac-10 was about in 2009. If everything breaks perfect in a conference tournament this is what you get: three class of the conference teams and one plucky […]

Week 9 Pac-10 Hoops Preview

Constable Echelon Whenever I have exact change for a purchase I consider it a total in-your-face move to the cashier. Cashier (disinterested): That will be $5.02. Me (inappropriate condescension giving way to even less appropriate macho posturing): Ohhhhhh, let me just reach into my pocket and….FUCK YOU! YOU DID NOT SEE THIS SHIT COMING! I […]