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Week 3 Pac-10 Hoops Preview

I figure with UW out to a 1-3 conference start I ought to bring back last season’s Pac-10 Hoops Preview posts. To shake things up at least. I follow my favorite soccer team like a civilized sports fan. I check the score of Everton’s game after it happens. If they win? I read it. If […]

Seattle U Basketball: Affordable

As long as Husky Football toils in its present state, late October becomes time to focus on basketball. For the second season running, Seattle is home to not one, but two Division One programs. Well, more or less. Seattle U is in year two of a five year reintegration to D1 hoops. I don’t exactly […]

Week 9 Pac-10 Hoops Preview

Constable Echelon Whenever I have exact change for a purchase I consider it a total in-your-face move to the cashier. Cashier (disinterested): That will be $5.02. Me (inappropriate condescension giving way to even less appropriate macho posturing): Ohhhhhh, let me just reach into my pocket and….FUCK YOU! YOU DID NOT SEE THIS SHIT COMING! I […]

H&F Interview: Lamar Hurd

Constable Echelon You watch Lamar Hurd for one segment on Fox Sports Northwest’s college basketball studio show, and you can see that he has a future in tv. The former Oregon State University point guard boasts a winning combination of hoops knowledge, relatability, and freshness. Because I was so impressed with Lamar’s tv debut, I […]