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My unsolicited thoughts on the NFL Draft

No one has asked me what I think about the upcoming NFL draft. Which is always a good indication to make an Internet post about it.

Ben Roethlisberger is a clown V

Running segment alert. Constable Echelon thinks Ben Roethlisberger is wildly overrated and whenever recent on (or off) field events prove that point expect to read about it on H&F. I hope one day the NFL Network runs a day of Ben Roethlisberger ineptitude. All the classic blunders back to back to back ad infinitum. Honestly […]

What Would Stop Tampa, er New York From Flipping Favre To Minnesota?

Sager Bombs Anything?  Now that Favre has the Green Bay front office by the short hairs, they’re going to get pennies on the dollar for him and be happy for the distraction to go away.  It’s a safe assumption that there will be a stipulation in the deal changing the setup if Favre is moved […]