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12.08.09 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Bowl preview edition

Hey, we made it to a bowl preview show! It’s a miracle. We didn’t talk about Charlie Weis kind of accusing Pete Carroll of banging grad students in Malibu; Jake Locker staying or going; or, whether or not Cal is dumb enough to fire Tedford. We did talk about Washington embarrassing Cal, the upcoming bowl […]

Oklahoma can wash my balls. Yahoo! – you can dry them.

The good folks at Yahoo! are currently using their frontpage/bully pulpitĀ to further an utter non-story from the bowels of the nation Oklahoma. According to the article, written by some guy at (who probably tucks his T-shirts into his beltless jean shorts), alleges that Washington purposefully injured Oklahoma’s star defensive tackle. Quite the scoop indeed. […]