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US Soccer: Not World Class

Fig Jam If the US Men’s Soccer Team wants to be taken seriously, it needs to step up.  Going out in World Cup Qualifying and getting hammered 3-1 by Costa Rica (and the one goal came in stoppage time on a penalty) isn’t going to get it done. Last night’s effort was patently ridiculous.  Costa […]

The Six Types of Soccer Douchebags

Ah, nostalgia. A couple nights ago, we almost got in a fight in the parking lot of the indoor soccer center. Why? Because we played against a douchebag. The best word to describe this guy was a drip. With man-tits. Just a complete loser – unskilled, but ANGRY. He took it upon himself to repeatedly […]

Join our 2009 MLS Fantasy League!!!!

Hey Sounders Fans! Join the official H&F MLS Fantasy league! Last year’s competition featured a tremendous late-season surge by Hose. In the face of furious boredom, Hose updated his team just often enough to pip Hotdog for the trophy. (I think this is what happened – I don’t actually remember.) In 2008, we also saw […]

MLS Expansion Draft Preview

Sounders FC fans: Now it begins in earnest. The 10 players selected in tomorrow’s Major League Soccer expansion draft will form the core of your 2009 roster. With only four players already on the roster, the expansion players will likely fill at least 6-7 starting spots when the team takes the field next March or […]

Dear Diary: US Men’s National Team @ Trinidad and Tobago

Constable Echelon “Trinidad? It’s me, Tobago. I’m through pretending. I just can’t do it alone.” And a nation was born. The US travel to T&T HUH! DYN-O-MITE!…sorry lost my train of thought. Ahem, travel to T&T (deep breath) for a little CONCACAF Group 1 semifinal World Cup qualifying action. As we get closer to the […]