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Do you hear it? Do you feel it?

I’m talking, of course, of the inevitable Adam Morrison comeback. Expect big minutes from him for the defending world champs. Who’s Adam Morrison? He’s the one that will drain a three from the corner and then eat your children as you sleep…all in one fluid motion. Ammo. Get it.

The Six Types of Soccer Douchebags

Ah, nostalgia. A couple nights ago, we almost got in a fight in the parking lot of the indoor soccer center. Why? Because we played against a douchebag. The best word to describe this guy was a drip. With man-tits. Just a complete loser – unskilled, but ANGRY. He took it upon himself to repeatedly […]

Pac-10 Football Liveblog: UW @ USC 11.01.08

Kickoff at 3:30pm PST. We’ll start this up at 3:00pm. We’re so new media.

Sarah Palin attempts to win over Philly crowd. Fails.

The powers that be did their best to cover this up with a vaguely patriotic fanfare, but to no avail. Who in her campaign told her that appearing before a Philly crowd was a safe play? Who? Who is running this? These people boo everything! Even when they don’t have a reason. She might have […]

Saturday in message boards

Constable Echelon I’ll try this because I think it could be funny. With a Saturday of college football in the books, let’s check out the measured responses from a few message boards. To read these you likely need a login, which most of you probably have. Pulled comments in italics, my writing in..uh..regular. […]

Bernie Mac

Echelon Sad news today that Bernie Mac passed away at 50. I immediately went to youtube to rewatch his intro and entrance on The Original Kings of Comedy. It is just joyous and hilarious. The action starts at 2:00 on this clip. I could go through it word by word and tell you why I […]